Client Testimonials

My experience with Kimberly Roland was very wonderful. Kimberly was easy to contact, she answered any questions or concerns I had about properties. She emailed me listings weekly to update me with properties that were available. Kimberly was very professional and nice. I would recommend her to anyone who is in the process of purchasing a home.

I came across Kim at a very desperate time. My husband and I were trying to purchase home and had solicited several real estate agents. With the market being very aggressive we had to move quickly when homes hit the market. Needless to say the agents we were choosing were slowing around and caused us to lose out on several promising homes. We were looking for a home with the prior agents for up to 3 months and Kim got us in our home within 4 weeks! I found Kim on Trulia. From the moment I spoke with her everything changed. She was very knowledgeable about the different areas in Atlanta and various home specifications. Excellent with negotiating offers and attentive to our very detailed needs, and open, open, open to any and everything we needed. All I had to do was tell her that I was interested in home and she will have called the agent and scheduled a time for viewing before I could turn my head. If you’re looking for someone who is motivated and committed to finding your home and keeping you encouraged in a very challenging market. KIM IS YOUR AGENT!

Thank You Kimbely! My decision to purchase a home started for me while I was still contracting in Afghanistan. Kimberly helped get the process started by recommending a selection of lenders to choose from. The day after I returned to the states we hit the ground running. We viewed roughly 2/3 homes a day for about two weeks before settling on my current purchase. In conjunction to working as my agent she tracked down vital information that I would require and walked me through the entire signing process. If you're looking for a well rounded agent then you should speak with Mrs. Kimberly Roland....

If you are looking for someone to help you find the house you love Kim is the person she is very knowledgeable about her craft of selling house she is flexible with her schedule and on time. Dependable and a woman of her word. She will fight for you and stand by you while you find the house of your dreams. If you dont understand the terms or language that is being used Kim will tell you in terms that you will understand and is always professional.

meeting Kimberly Rolland was a God send, Ms Rolland is very pleasant to work with, she personality makes it very easy to talk with. She was there every step of the way and I plan to work with her again. Thanks so much.

Ms. Roland worked very diligently to sell my home. She gave solid and sound advice throughout the entire process. I found her to be knowledgeable, efficient and extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I'm extremely pleased with her as my realtor.

I asked Kimberly Roland to help me view a property and knew exactly what I was looking for and thought that this property was it! She was nice and knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining details about the property and asking questions of the Seller. I have already recommended her to my family and friends! I appreciate all that she has done to help us get in the home of our dreams! Thank you Kimberly!

Kimberly is not only knowledgeable but very pleasant to work with. she created a stress free environment, kept me informed of the progress of the transaction from start to finish, appreciated my input when necessary. Her professionalism is outstanding and was very much appreciated. I will definitely and highly recomend her.

Kim helped me purchase my first home. From beginning to the end; she was very patient and pleasant with helping me find the home for me. Kim is very proficient and knowledgeable and I would use/recommend her again!

Absolutely love this agent! She was always ready for work and available. Has a great attitude. Communication line was always open. Knowledge of Real Estate transaction and sales was excellent. She was sending me more leads on a home that I could keep up with. Responds to text, and emails almost immediately or within that hour. Kim thank you so much. I wish I had the funds right now to go through that experience with you again.

Kimberly was a great asset as I searched for a new home out of state. She helped explain local market trends and polocies. Also gave great insight to the types of neighborhood and home I was searching for. Would definately recommend.

Easily accessible with information, always making sure the process was continually moving forward thoroughly. Great Experian very satisfied! I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

As a first time home buyer I could not have picked a better person. Realtor Kimberly Roland is the best. Circumstances required that I purchase a home within a limited amount of time (30 days or less). Given the urgency of the move I decided to try to find a home on my own using one of those home finding sites on line. Needless to say I was truly overwhelmed. Despite knowing my budget, location and type of home I wanted it was a daunting task. Upon reading the details of one particular home that appealed to me I came across a client review of a realtor that was showing that particular home. The couple’s review of the realtor spoke to me. Their circumstances were similar to mine. Their description of their realtor Kimberly Roland just drew me in. The qualities they inferred she possessed were exactly what I was looking for; knowledgeable, competent and efficient. They said she felt like family to them. And boy were they right! Kimberly possessed not only those qualities but so much more. Kimberly responded to me immediately, had listing for me in no time flat and got the ball rolling. Remind you I am a first time home buyer and knew nothing of the process. She explained everything to me in detail, got me in touch with a fantastic mortgagor and an inspector. And I am happy to say I closed on my new home within 35 days of my first contacting her. It was truly an awesome experience and I would recommend Kimberly to everyone and anyone looking for a home in the Atlanta area. You cannot go wrong with Kim. Kim thank you again for making it happen!!!!

Kimberly helped me do a short sale on a house. The process took 10months. Kimberly stayed with it even when I was ready to give up. She is the best!!!

Now that I've had time to slow down, I want to take the time to formally thank Kim RsellsHomes from Solid Source Realty!!! Where do I begin??? Well first off she's a client of mine (I braid her hair) and my husband and I became a client of hers! When I tell you she went over and beyond with helping us through this process I mean it! She communicated everything and answered ANY and ALL questions that we had. Even if the questions didn't pertain to her, she still provided an answer. She talked me off the ledge a few times because little did I realize, purchasing a home is a very emotional process. She gave superb service to us. Now I've heard people say their realtor was great, but Kim was better than great. She was God sent and I wouldn't have made it through to the end had I not had her right by our side every step of the way. I looked over our list of homes to visit and there were 80 homes on the list. I'm sure we saw about 25-30 of those homes and you never complained! Thank you so much for all that you've done and if ever we decide to sell our home, you'll be the first person contacted!

I can honestly say Kim is the best! We have dealt with multiple realtors but Kim is exceptional. We hired Kim as our Realtor and got her in-depth knowledge on the mortgage approval, home appraisal and inspection process. She is just awesome with a great personality.

Most professional hard working agent. Always answers her phone. Fearless, serious, and aggressive for her clients. She makes the deal happen. Many years of experience in Georgia. It was a pleasure working with Kimberly. 5 stars.

Kimberly is an awesome realtor. She works diligently to locate properties and quickly provides feedback on the status of what you're looking for. It was a difficult process during this seller's market, however Kimberly was able to assist me in finding the best home for my family. She communicates effectively, she's personable, and a professional to say the absolute least. Thank you Kimberly!!!!

Kimberly was excellent in working to help me find a home that fits all my needs. She was very thorough and timely in communicating to me and others involved in the process. I would definitely choose her again if needed in the future.

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